About KMG Engineering

Isje Kroon oprichter KMG Machinebouw

KMG was founded in 1991. KMG are experts in the construction and exploitation of fairground attractions. The specialization of our company is the manufacture of fairground attractions that are easy to assemble and dismantle, that are as light as possible and constructed according to the latest safety requirements.

KMG was founded by Isje Kroon. He has proven his ability as a constructor and operator of Ferris wheels, roller coasters and other fairground rides. Now Albert Kroon, Isje Kroon’s eldest son, is responsible for the day-to-day management of KMG Engineering. Albert’s brother, Tonny Kroon, is responsible for maintenance and repairs of KMG attractions.

Over the past decades, Tonny and Albert Kroon have also proven their competencies in the exploitation of various major attractions such as Discovery, Move It 32, XXL and many other leading attractions at Dutch and German fairs. These attractions were designed and constructed by KMG.


Tonny, Isje Kroon’s youngest son, is a specialist in sound systems for fairground attractions and can be contacted for the sale of KMG attractions.

Over the years, another KMG activity has specialized in the rental of fairground rides and the organization of fairs and annual markets. To this purpose KMG Events was established. The management is in the hands of Alex Willemse.